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Commercial Doors, Hardware and Electrified Hardware

Commercial hardware is an everchanging industry. However, if you understand the mechanical and functional basics they stay the same. We have been in the industry for twenty four years and know the industry. If we do not know, we know who to contact to find the answers to resolve the issues. I have heard people with 5 years experience in the industry say they know everything about it. All I can think of is they must be fooling themselves. If we come across something that is out of our league, we will get you in touch with a company that can help you. There is nothing worse than biting your tongue and wasting a client's time.

Commercial Doors and Hardware:

Eplex 5000We also specialize in commercial door/frame and hardware service, repair and replacement. Normally we can respond for emergency situations. If it is a job that you are asking for quotes on, we may ask you to photograph the opening and e-mail it to us. If it is for a door replacement we will ask you for an approximate opening size.

This helps us to save time on service calls because we will know what hardware we are dealing with to help insure the proper materials are on hand. It also saves time with door replacement quotes by reducing driving time. Before materials are ordered we will visit the site to field-verify the correct measurements.

If it is essential to visit the site in order to provide a quote we will be more than willing to do so.

Electrified Hardware Issues:

Electrified StrikesWe can help specify and install hardware for the card access industry. We can also prep for hardware, provide service, supply and install electrified hardware in commercial buildings. When you swipe in and get a green light for entry and the door will not unlock you probably have a hardware issue. This is when we can step in and service the existing hardware. If it is not repairable then we can replace it. There are a lot of access control system companies that know the programming and control panels. However, when it comes to electrified hardware and door issues that is another story. These are two different industries that intertwine with each other. If it is their system that is having issues then they need to be the one to correct it. Most companies will not go into someone elses system, especially if it is a propietary system, under warranty or have a service contract in place.

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